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DIY Stretchy Lace Leggings

I came across this great aqua stretchy lace at the fabric store a few weeks ago.  I loved the color right away…..and then my head started filling with things I could make with it.  The very first thing that came to my head was those cute little lacy leggings that I’m sure we’ve all seen in those cute children’s clothing boutiques.  I had a similar pair for Elli that I bought online, a year or two ago…..but they just weren’t quite stretchy enough.  I eventually let Chloe wear them but they ended up ripping in the bum seam, because of their lack of stretch.


I’ve been wanting some new lace leggings for both girls……and this fabric store find was perfect.  All I needed was a very small amount — but I ended up buying a couple yards, because the other ideas in my head convinced me I should! ;)



These little leggings are light and stretchy…..and are the perfect splash of color for warmer weather!



You can wear them a little on the dressier side…..or keep it more casual.  Either way, they are such a funky texture!



I need to hunt down more colors of this stretchy lace…..because these really are such a fun and inexpensive way to happy up any ol’ outfit!



Want to make some too??




  • Stretchy Lace (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby…in the seasonal fabric)
  • 1 inch elastic
  • standard sewing supplies

***Check out my Sewing Terms 101 post, for additional help with terminology, etc.


First of all, read through the Super Simple Leggings tutorial…because these lace leggings will be made the same way.



Cut the legging pieces the same way as the tutorial above…..with the outer leg line up with the fold of your fabric.  Just be sure that you leave enough space all the way around the other 3 sides for seam allowances.  (Hopefully you’ll be able to find some lace that stretches both left to right and up and down.  If not, be sure that the stretch is going left to right as you gut out your pieces.)



Add an extra 1 1/4 inch at the top for the waistband, a 1/4 inch along the side, and then 1/2 inch at the very bottom for the hem.



Then, cut a second piece the same way… that you have two identical pieces.



Put the two legging pieces together, just like the tutorial linked above…..



……and then insert your elastic into the casing you created.

***And you may notice, all I had was some 3/4 inch elastic and I didn’t realize it until I had already sewn the casing.  It didn’t quite fill up my casing…..but it didn’t really matter.  It will still work just fine!



And that’s it……a really simple pair of Stretchy Lace Leggings!



Now, make a few more pairs……because everyone needs some of these!






Okay – these were so easy to whip up, so why stop here? Check out some of these other fun tight tutorials:


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