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2 NEW ‘Our Best Bites’ cookbooks to give away! {CLOSED}

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!!!!!!!!!!GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve said it before, maybe a trillion times, but I love that duo Kate and Sara, from Our Best Bites.  They are the most kind and genuine gals you’ll ever come across……who just happen to rock the kitchen!  Their blog has hundreds of free recipes, which they update regularly, but they also pump out cookbooks. 


Have you heard?!?!  Their second cookbook is coming out REALLY SOON!  As in, 6 days from now (Sept, 11th).  And if you loved their first recipe book, you’ll triple love their second: Savoring the Seasons.  (Available for pre-order now……, jump on that!)




And, if you’re like me, certain seasons provoke certain cravings.  You know, in the summer I want lots of fruits and veggies and everything light.  In the fall, I want apples and spices and baked things.  And on and on.  Savoring the Seasons is divided into the four seasons…….ready to provide you with some year-round favorites.



Even after thumbing through the pages for a moment, I was already excited to pull out my mixing bowl and measuring cups.  And my husband, wow, I’ve never seen someone so excited about a cookbook.  I guess that’s why we all love Kate and Sara’s recipes.  They’re savory/sweet/delicious……..yet, completely do-able.  And of course, it’s nice to have a nice collection tucked away in an actual cookbook.







And if  you’re like me, you forget conversions.  Their cookbook (just like their last one) has a little conversion chart, which doubles as a bookmark.  Cool.




Savoring the Seasons contains over 100 new recipes and every one is accompanied with a color photo.  I don’t know about you, but I need a photo to convince me to give a new recipe a try. :) 


Also, they throw in a few food tutorials/tips and even some seasonal crafting.  And just like last time, they also have a ‘Rollover Ingredient’ section in the back, which shows you all of the ingredients that roll over into other recipes.  So if you bought feta cheese for a recipe, take a look in the back to see what other recipes you can use it for, before it goes bad. Pretty cool.




In case you need something to make your tummy grumble……here you go!

2 new ‘our best bites’ cookbooks to give away! {closed}
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2 new ‘our best bites’ cookbooks to give away! {closed}
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2 new ‘our best bites’ cookbooks to give away! {closed}
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2 new ‘our best bites’ cookbooks to give away! {closed}
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Love. It. All.  And I’m so proud of that Kate and Sara for compiling their best into a cookbook again, that we can all have on hand.  Yum.


And if you live in Utah (or will be visiting next week), Kate and Sara will be hosting a little gathering at Orson Gygi on September 13 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. It’s an open house so bring your friends, your mom, and your kids. There will be plenty of samples to try from the new cookbook, as well as crafts to keep the little ones busy while you mingle with friends, and chat with Kate and Sara! No purchase or tickets necessary… but do bring some money so you can grab your own copy of Savoring the Seasons with Our Best Bites!  Yay.  (more info on that here)




!!!!!!!!!!GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh yeah, remember the giveaway part of this post?!?!  That’s the most exciting part. :)


Because 2 of you will have your very own FREE copy of Savoring the Seasons.  Just leave ONE comment below (make sure your email is included in the form….and then it won’t be visible to everyone else after you submit your comment) and tell me that you’d love to add Savoring the Seasons to your collection.  (Giveaway closes Monday, Sept. 10, at midnight and is available to U.S. and CANADA.


Good luck!



**Remember, Savoring the Seasons officially releases Sept. 11th but is available for pre-sale here.





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