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25 Days of Christ – our new Christmas tradition!

I was driving my kiddos to school the other day and my oldest daughter Elli (who is 8) was telling me what her favorite holidays were and why.  At first, she said that Halloween was her absolute favorite because she got to dress up and could pretend to be someone completely different for a day…and then of course, CANDY! But then she revised her answer and said that Christmas was in fact her favorite.  Connor (who’s 7) and Chloe (who’s 4) quickly chimed in and agreed that Christmas was also their favorite.  I asked them all why and they started listing off their favorite things that they love, including Christmas lights, gingerbread houses, singing Christmas songs, PRESENTS!, decorating a tree, letters to Santa, wrapping presents, etc.  Then Elli chimed in that she liked celebrating Jesus’ birthday.  I absolutely love Christmas traditions and am a sucker for all of the glitz and sparkle…..but we always try really hard to tone down the “Me-Me-Me” of Christmas time and emphasize why Christmas even exists.  I will always and forever love the magic of Santa and the love that increases among people all across the world….but none of that would exist without the birth of Jesus.

We have certain Christ centered traditions that we love and always do each year….but I have been looking for something a little more meaningful that will really stand out in my children’s eyes.  We tend to spend extra effort decorating our tree, hanging stockings, and hanging lights outside but I want our children to always remember the time and effort we spent talking about Christ during Christmas.

Then I was introduced to 25 Days Of Christ…..and immediately knew that’s what I’ve been looking for.

The creator of 25 Days of Christ is a mom named Katie who also has young children.  She created a new tradition for her family because she was worried that her family was too focused on the commercial aspects of Christmas.  So she researched 25 stories from the Savior’s life from the New Testament and created handmade ornaments to represent each one. Then each night in December, they place one ornament in a box and her family opens the gift, hangs the ornament, and reads the story from the scriptures that coincides with that ornament.


Katie had several friends who wanted to share the same traditions with their families and wanted Katie’s help but she admitted it was hard to find each and every piece for the ornaments.  So, she started buying the ornament pieces in bulk and turned it into a family business a few years ago and provides kits at a very reasonable price so that others can easily start this tradition with their own family.  And oh, how I love that she did!

And let me tell you, I just received my kit and each piece is so perfectly thought out and is a great symbol for the story it belongs to.


The kit includes a booklet with a devotional for each night that includes a scripture, a story, a suggested quick video (that can be viewed online)….oh how I love that all the work has been done!!  (And even if you decide the kit isn’t for you… can download and print off the contents of the 25 Days Of Christ booklet….for FREE!)


Each piece is made from wood and the quality is fantastic, something that will last for years.  You can paint and customize it exactly how you’d like and keep it a surprise or let the kiddos get involved and help!  Also, there’s a little red bag that you can place the ornament in for the night and let someone open and reveal the “gift” to be hung on the tree.  It really makes every night so special!

Also, I love that the entire thing comes in a sturdy box with a closure that can used to store the ornaments from year to year.


Okay, so every year Katie sells out of her kits really fast (way before Christmas) and never has enough supplies for the demand of those who want it (I remember, I wanted one last year but was too late!)….but this year, she tried to anticipate the demand and ordered some extras.

And I’m excited that she has agreed allowed me to offer all of you readers a discount for an unfinished set…for 4 days only!!



You can order your own set HERE and use the code “Make10” for 10% off.

**This discount is good from November 18th – 21st, at midnight PST.

**There is also an LDS version of the kit that includes both New Testament and Book of Mormon references, along with quotes by general authorities!  A fantastic version that can be shipped to you as a booklet in your kit, or downloaded for free.


. . . . .

If I had unlimited funds this year for Christmas, I would send this to each and every person I know, because I really feel that strongly about this little kit!  However, I don’t have the cash for that.  Darn.  But I do think I’ll skip on some of the traditional kitchen gadgets, warm slippers, and winter scarves to some of the family members on my list — and will send this out instead!

What a beautiful way to start off our December, with a focus on the birth of Christ, his childhood, ministry, miracles, atonement, death on the cross, and resurrection…….all of which is what matters most during the holiday season!

I hope those of you who get your own kit will enjoy it as much as I know we will! :)



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