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DIY Crepe Paper Rose Heart…inexpensive Valentine decor (or any time of year!)

I mentioned a week or so ago that I was looking around for Valentine’s Day decor that was easy on the budget….because, well, I don’t have gobs of extra cash in my “holiday decor budget” since Christmas always seems to take control over my better judgement. (I should be banned from those Christmas aisles….anything sparkly and jingly gets me every time!)

But as I was putting up a few things up on my mantel for Valentine’s Day last weekend, I needed a little pop of something.  So, I grabbed a roll of cheery pink crepe paper and got to work rolling up little rosette’s and put together a sweet little Crepe Paper Rose Heart…..that I’m kind of in love with!


It’s the perfect addition to the mantel and totally satisfies my need for a nice pop of color, without spending much at all.


You can add your heart to anything….but I found this pre-finshed piece of wood with scalloped edges for only $2.50 at Michael’s (after I used my 1/2 off coupon).  Definitely worth the price and it made the perfect background for the heart!


And yes, each of those little rose buds, is nothing but a tiny section of some crepe paper streamer, which I always have on hand for last minute birthday decor. :)


Oh, and that banner is nothing but burlap flags that I found already made for only a few dollars.  I just added some hearts that I cut out from some textured pink scrapbook paper.


The only other thing I purchased was this darling galvanized metal LOVE sign in script font.  I didn’t buy it the first time I saw it….but then had to go back and get it (and used another coupon), because I can use it all year long.


Speaking of using things all year round, once Valentine’s Day passes, this cute little heart is going into Elli and Chloe’s room.  They both love pink and it’s kinda perfect for their room!  SO many reasons to love this little Rose Bud Heart!  :)



  • crepe paper
  • 12 x 12 inch board (Or any size you want.  Also, I purchased my pre-finished board at Michaels for $2.50 after using a 50% off coupon)
  • hot glue gun


First of all, you need something to glue your heart to and it can be anything at all.  A blank picture frame, a slat of wood, a sheet of metal….anything!  But I loved this pre-finished wood I found at Michael’s that had the cutest scalloped edges.  It’s about 12 x 12 inches but you can make your surface any size at all.

Then, cut a heart template out of paper and then trace it onto your surface.


Now, there are probably a trillion tutorials on making crepe paper flowers, so if you already have a technique, go for it!  But here’s how I make mine….and what works best for my fingers. :)

Rip off a piece that’s about 8-10 inches long.  (The more you use, the bigger the flower.)


Now, fold one section of your paper in half lengthwise but don’t press the fold flat.  Keep it full.


Fold over the end at a diagonal, to kinda get the torn edge out of the way and hidden.


Then start rolling.


But as you roll, you’ll kind of let the upper “folded” edge angle outward just slightly.


To do that, pinch tightly at the base and bunch it very slightly as you’re rolling.


Now, just remember, these don’t have to be perfect….because once you group them together, they look even better.  Oh, and your first one will probably be ugly.  At least my first few were. ;) But once my fingers got used to it, they get a lot easier.


Once your rose bud is as big as you want it, add a dab of glue to the end….


….then fold over the end at a diagonal.


Then, add a little glue to that flap and finish rolling it around the base of the flower. 


Pretty, right?  Now, you can kinda flatten it out a bit, or ruffle up the edges however you want.


Now, push down the center of the flower just to be sure that the rolled edges at the base of the flower are even, add a blob of hot glue, then add it to the traced heart pencil line.  Oh, and make sure the side of the flower with the glued end if facing towards the center of the heart, so that it won’t be seen once the heart is complete.


Once you have completed your heart outline, begin filling in the center of the heart.  Your flowers don’t have to jammed in there super tight.  You want to give them a little space so that each bud is seen.

Now, sit down in front of your favorite show or turn on your favorite audio book and get rolling.  These flowers take a little time…..but for as cheap as they are to make and how pretty they look when they’re all clustered together, it’s very worth it!


And that’s it…..time to display your heart!




. . . . .

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