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I can’t believe it…


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There are several things that I “can’t believe” today:


  • My husband is currently taking his final tests for PA school.  He is seriously all done (well, just about).  Wow.  We don’t even know a married life without some sort of schooling going on.
  • My husband has signed his first contract for his real live career.  I was beginning to think that we’d be students FOR. EV. ER.
  • We are moving into our own home again.  Soon.
  • The grey hairs on my head have multiplied and have had babies.  Rude. 


The biggest thing?


  • My itty bitty baby girl……..just turned one.  Holy smokes.  Where did the last year go?




Some of you have been around a while.  So you may remember when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy a little over a year ago, getting anxious to have our newest baby.  And then freaking out, because my big belly was overdue.  And you guys all guessed how big my baby would be.  And then she came.  Finally.




And many of you were close with your guesses.  My beautiful and pudgy little porker came out at a whopping 11 pounds.  But she was my smoothest and quickest labor.  Bless her.


Gosh, this picture takes me right back.  I miss those tender first few days.




But that little baby girl has reached about 7,000 mile stones since then and is turning into a little girl.  A big one year old.









This Little Miss has lots of sass.  And definitely knows how to protect herself from two bigger siblings. 




But that little spunk makes me love her from the top of her fuzzy little head…….all the way down to her itty bitty little toes.  Mmmmm.






Just recently, we celebrated a year of milestones.  And a year of extra loves and kisses in our home.





On her birthday, this one enjoyed her first taste of cake.  And well, it was her first taste of any kind of sugar.  She had a tight grip on that cake for most the time.  I think she was afraid we may take away the most delicious flavor she had ever placed on her tongue.  Oh my, we may have a daughter who loves her sugar like her momma.  (Because her big sister isn’t a huge fan.)





And that’s what we’ve been up to lately. 


Lots of changes that I just “can’t believe”.  Including this baby turning into a one-year-old.



 **I didn’t make the dress/leggings.  Target did.  But the shoes are the ones I made here.


Ashley Johnston

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