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One more day to vote……Eeeeh! (and a crafty supply on sale today)

Okay, I’m actually really surprised in the leading projects of this voting poll.  I had no idea so many of you wanted to make the dolls.  (Which is something I was going to make last November/December anyway, in time for Christmas. Oops…ran out of time.)  And then the travel high chair?  Wow, so many need a good tutorial for that.  I had no idea……but it sounds fun to me.  And then lastly, the maxi dress.  I’m wanting a new maxi dress for myself… I’m excited that this one’s high in the running too.  Oh wait, I’m also excited for a bed skirt and a kid’s sewing series and a pencil skirt and quilting and……..  Okay, see?  I’m itching to make them all.  So I’m glad there’s a vote going on to help decide the absolute winner……which is what I’ll make first.  Yay! :) 


Anyway, if you haven’t yet voted…….hurry over there!!  And instead of closing it today, I’m going to give it one more day.  I’ll announce the actual winner tomorrow morning.  Along with a fun project I’ve been working on.

. . . . .



In the meantime, I saw that there was some great supplies on sale at Pick Your Plum this morning.  Some really darling Soft Stretch Elastics (aka: fold-over elastic).  I love it when it’s something that I’ve used here and many of you are wanting to somehow locate.  See?  Perfect sale for today.




And they’re selling it in collections of cute colors and widths for $3.95.  It’s actually 3 yards of 5 great colors.  Ummmm, yes, GREAT deal! :)



Remember these little Wool Felt headbands that I made for Chloe when she was a tiny baby?  This soft elastic is perfect for sensitive little heads.  (It’s actually called foldover elastic and can be used for making underwear, leggings, and around sleeves and necklines too.  It’s great stuff!)  But think how cute the elastic above would be on tiny heads, in all those fantastic colors and widths and scalloped edges……with a cute felt flower attached.



Oooh, ooooh, the elastic would also be really cute as a headband if you added some of these Textured Fabric Flowers.  Add a flower to some of the above elastic, place around a head, and there you have it.  Simply adorable! :)



And for $3.95, I may need to order 2 cards of each collection.  You think I’m kidding?  I love having this stuff on hand! :)

Order here.




Okay, we’ll talk tomorrow.  We’ve got some chatting to do about which project WINS!!




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