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Autumn Table Runner/Mat

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No more denying it.
Fall is really here.
And now that it’s October, I officially let myself transition to fall mode and not feel like I rushed summer away.  So hello to autumn.
And to start things off right, a sweet and simple fall table runner/mat.
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With a sprinkling of fall leaves around the edges.  Nice and simple.
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 A great way to add some ‘fall’ to your home.
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And you know, the pine cones may stay  for a few days……but I’m ready for some big, fat, and imperfect pumpkins to plop right on top of that mat.  I just decided.
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And then maybe in a month……..a nice old bowl, filled with other fall items.  Why not? :)
Use that mat any ‘ol way you’d like.
Want to make a quick one? 
I cut a piece of vinyl into a 22 x 14 inch rectangle.   
(Remember the clearance vinyl I bought for this project.  This stuff comes in handy.)  
But cut it however big/small/long you’d like it.
Then, grab some silk fall leaves (mine are from the dollar store) and get an idea of how you’d like to arrange them.  Pin if you need to……..
But I skipped the pinning and would sew a bit, get another leaf ready…….
Place it down, sew some more………
And then continue sewing right over the leaf, attaching it to the vinyl.
Continue all the way around all four sides, using as many or as few leaves as you’d like.
No pattern or technique……just random leaves, covering the outer edge of my runner/mat.
And that was it.
Nice and ready for fall.
Makes me smile.
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Note:  If you’d rather, use hot glue to attach your leaves.  Works just as great.  Just be sure to use a high heat setting to assure that the glue doesn’t peel off of the vinyl after it cools down.  Or try an epoxy glue…

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