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Have you read the crafting RULE BOOK?

Well, on page 16……….rule number 738 clearly states that “all crafting supplies should be far out of the reach of children.”

That rule was broken.

I thought the paint was far enough away on the counter.

But………I forgot about the stool.

Rookie mistake.

Here he kept saying “Uh-Oh Mama, Uh-Oh!”
Yeah, Uh-Oh is right, little turkey…..

And why were the paint bottles on the counter and not immediately put away after I bought them the night before?

Another mistake.

I thought it would quickly wipe off.

That’s why I pulled out the camera.

However, I had to pull out the trusty Magic Eraser to get the job done.


Make sure you read that rule book from cover to cover.
Or you’ll be off to the store to stock up on Magic Eraser’s…..and other such cleaning tools. 

Edited to add: I had to post a similar child-with-paint-catastrophe that a reader sent me the link to, here. (Thanks Nike!) I just can’t get over the big ‘ol mess. My little blue dribbles are nothing. I looked at these pictures and first gasped, then laughed, and then almost cried for her….but then had to laugh again. How could I not, there was a big black smiley face painted on the wall??


  1. Melissa says:

    Just be glad the paint was there to distract him from the knives! Sheesh!

  2. PeaceLoveApplesauce says:

    Oh, My precious as pie!
    Don't you just love those TCP jammies? My little man was wearing his blue Christmas ones just last night! :)

  3. Nathan and Colleen says:

    My daughter did the same thing with food coloring. She dripped all four color containers into her dolls mouth. Feeding her dolly. It then dripped out of her mouth soaking our futon and running into the carpet. Thankfully I caught it in time and dumped a whole bottle of carpet cleaner on it and it ended up coming completely out.

    Where did the tutorial on felt Mr. Potato head go?

  4. Erin says:

    Haha! Well, that will make a great story when he's older. The "uh-oh, Mommy" reminds me of my son. When he's doing something mischievous, he says, "No No, NOOooooh." Hard not to laugh…

  5. Michelle says:

    The color sure brings out the blue in his eyes! LOL Yeah, I make those rookie mistakes all the time too. No biggie, lol. They're kinda cute when they do stuff like that (and dumping a whole bottle of baby powder all over the bathroom, hallway and a riding toy).

  6. ~Kimberly says:

    We've all been there… but at least the blue matches the blue in his jammies! He's adorable by the way!

  7. Jenn says:

    Oh, I have so been there. I just wish I had thought to take pictures of some of the more exciting ones – like the time my 3 year old daughter decorated her 9 year old brother's ENTIRE room (even his underwear) with a purple marker. That was a 3 magic eraser job.

  8. Vicki says:

    Yikes! My youngest has only managed to get the walls with pen ink and crayons… I put all the paints far, far away after reading this!

  9. Nikki says:

    awwwwwww he is such a cutie!!!!! love the picture even though it got messy, the blue of the paint with the other blues in the picture look really nice:)

  10. Angie says:

    I don't do much crafting, but I thought I had learned to push everything far back on the counter when just yesterday my little 21 month old came through the house pretending to use one of those small paring knives as a crayon! Oh and she came through the house with a hammer banging on the walls and about 2 inches from the glass storm door! I guess I'm a rookie too!

  11. Scrappy Gifts says:

    yes and the other thing to remember is that kids grow taller….my son can reach everything now, but he's pretty good most of the time.
    BTW my son has the same pajamas! =D

  12. Jessica says:

    Ahahaha……. okay, not a rookie mistake, just a busy mom mistake. Getting ready to have #5 and we still have these kind of episodes! :)

  13. Janae -- Thoughts in Vinyl says:

    It is at times like that that I am glad I have a blog so I can take a picture and it gives me a minute to realize that it all cleans up!

  14. sheilaa131 says:

    What an adorable face. Enjoy your great ideas on the blog–so helpful.

  15. Mom's Place says:

    LOL! Oh my!!!!!

  16. Tanya and Colin says:

    Super cute boy! I had a rookie moment a few weeks ago that involved a sharpie and my desk top; magic eraser didn't help much in this situation. They are so quick!

  17. Holly says:

    Uh-oh is a favorite of my toddler too, especially right after doing something very much on purpose. Little stinker. Good thing the little guys are so darned cute.

  18. {Bellamere Cottage} says:

    Oh how adorable…..and the paint is such a nice look with his beautiful blue eyes!

    Warm blessings,

  19. Anna says:

    Boys…… thats all I can say. At least it wasnt like my teen and 2.5 gal of gas. sigh. At least he lived to tell the tale and I had two HUGE fire extingushers. He was innocently repairing the lawnmower. THe blade sparked on the concrete which ignited gas on the concrete- instantly flames jumped into the gas can! He too has the most beautiful blue eyes and long lashes. Accidents happen. Live and learn.

  20. adairfamily says:

    Remember when we thought it was so cute that they started saying, "Uh Oh" not so cute when they really mean it!! Cute pics gotta love toddlers.

  21. Phiphi says: smart, eh? fortunately he didn't eye the knives set back there..I always keep my scissors and other dangerous tools up on top of the cupboard:)

  22. Ritters says:

    Isn't it a good thing they are so cute other wise who knows.

  23. Heidi Ferguson says:

    Haha, I have a big fear of this one..thankfully it hasn't happened to me yet!

  24. LeAnn says:

    same thing happened to me at a friends house no less. I didn't think my lovely 2 year old daughter would open it. Before I knew it, it was all over her and my friends brand new wood floor.


  25. The McGraths says:

    That happened to me last night! Same color to!!! LOL!

  26. Ashley @ Ashley's Craft Corner says:

    My little one did a similar thing recently…except she thought it was lotion and proceeded to spread it all over her arms and legs.

  27. The Crebs Family says:

    What would any of us do with out Mr. Clean? One of my favorite inventions EVER! He has saved me SO many times!

  28. Heidi says:

    Aaaahhh.. adorable.

  29. Lauren says:

    Hahahaha. I'm sorry, but that's too cute. :) We all have our crafting moments like that.

    A few weeks ago I found my daughter sitting on the floor with my pincushion, very carefully taking pins out one at a time and jabbing them into the carpet. I felt so terrible for leaving it within eye-shot! Thankfully she wasn't hurt, but it was a good wake-up call for me for stepping up my "tidying up" when naptime is over!!

  30. The Wright Crew says:

    That's too funny. We also call our kids "little turkeys" around our house! It's funny when I hear other people say it too

  31. Melanie says:

    But hey, it is a pretty color! Boys like blues, right?

  32. kirstin & jordan says:

    Ummm, pretty sure I wouldn't live without magic erasers… I buy them in bulk! :)

  33. Nike says:

    Oh Ashley! I've so been there! Only my kids used a BOX of paints and did $400 worth of damage.


  34. Beth says:

    I have similar pictures of my daughter when she was about 9 months old. Only it was a can of black wall paint that I had used on some borders in the kitchen. I had left it (tightly shut) on the floor to go change a diaper then got distracted and forgot to come back and put it away. Apparently, if you bang the paint can on the floor enough, the lid will come just loose enough to let the paint spill out. Luckily after it dried, it just peeled up off the tile, but my rug and her jammies were ruined.

  35. Kelli says:

    The stool…gets me every time.

  36. Katherine @ Grass Stains says:

    That is something that would SO happen in my house (with three boys 7 and under)! I feel your pain!

  37. Moira-Lin says:

    I love the fact that you stopped to grab the camera and laugh about it. So many would have gotten angry. What would we do without the Magic Eraser? :)

  38. Frugal Home Design says:

    What a cutie, and I love the paint color. It keeps getting harder and harder to keep things out of their way!

  39. Mama Thompson says:

    At least the color brings out his blue eyes:) Total cutie! I also love that we buy the stools to help them do good things like, use the potty, wash their hands…and they turn it right against us and do things like this…nice…

  40. Rebekah says:

    Might as well have him paint the stool while he's at at it.

  41. she wears flowers says:

    It isn't on his jammies???? What a good boy you have-paint and all!

  42. Jill says:

    Oh how I love the magic eraser!

  43. Kami says:

    I had the same accident with my son a few weeks ago, except it was on our carpet and bright green paint.

    By the way I LOVE your blog, but I have loved it even more since I found out you are Brad Singley's cousin. They have been our favorite neighbor's since we moved to here to Washington, small world!

    Keep up the great work!

  44. Kari @ Ucreate says:

    No way!! Thank goodness for the Magic Eraser and good thing he's so stinkin' cute!

  45. Lynette says:

    Ooh…that's a tough one! What a cute kid though, how can you be mad :)

  46. Cathy says:

    Ah…we live and we learn!! I love the look you are getting while the paint is squishing between chubby fingers that says, "What, you mean I wasn't supposed to play with the paint you left out for me?"

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