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It’s official…..the Denver meet-up is on!


Whew. Okay, were you wondering when I would fill you in some official details? I know some of you are trying to plan around it, so here is some basic info.


If you have no idea what I’m talking about………go here.  And here.  And then clear your schedule because it’s time to get together with other crafty and non-crafty types in the Colorado area.  (Meaning, you don’t have to be crafty to come.  Everyone is welcome.)


This little Denver Area Meet-Up will be March 10th, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. 

(I figured this would be the best time for those traveling far, in case you have to drive a few hours to get home.)


Location?  Double Tree Hotel (one of their conference rooms), in Aurora, CO. 

13696 East Iliff Place, Aurora, Colorado, 80014

(They offered me a great deal.  A really, really great deal.  Love them!)


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I went and visited the location yesterday.  (Kirstin from Kojo Designs came too.  She agrees, it will be perfect!)  So the hotel is real, the conference room we’ll be using is real, and the hotel isn’t in a shady or scary neighborhood.  Were you wondering any of those things?  Because yeah, I was.



What’s planned?

Chatting, snacking, simple low key projects, mingling, a few giveaways, eating, laughing, Q&A session, door prizes, and yes, more gabbing. 


If you’re not interested in some of the things mentioned above……just pick and choose.  Except for snacking.  Everyone has to snack! ;)

(Just to explain, there will be light salty snacks, candies, and desserts, but no actual meals.)



I will supply more details in the weeks coming. 

But eek, that’s about 3 weeks away.  Clear those calendars!

(By the way, there is no charge.  It’s free for all.  And hopefully fun for all!)



But until then, I have a few questions. 

  • Who has and is willing to bring a sewing machine (and let others use it too)??  It doesn’t have to be one bit fancy.  Just needs to sew a straight line. :)
  • Who loves photography and wouldn’t mind snapping pictures throughout the event?  (There are no windows in this conference room, so a clip-on flash may be needed if you like using them.)  It would be best if you are comfortable with photography and also wouldn’t mind stepping away from a conversation to catch a few action shots, and then returning right back to your mingling.  Not too much pressure.  If you are a photographer for a living and would like to talk bigger details (advertising, a giveaway of your own to spread your name, etc.) let me know.  We can chat.  ashley{at}makeit-loveit{dot}com
  • Anything else you are hoping will happen, but haven’t heard me mention?



**EDITED TO ADD: Only small babies in arms (or minimal crawling) are welcome! The space is not big enough space for bigger children to play.  But trust me, my kids are disappointed in this one because I know they would have a blast running around with new friends.  Maybe we’ll have to plan a day at the aquarium/museum next, where kids can come?!!


Okay, that’s it for today.  I just wanted to be sure the basic details were out there.  I will keep reminding and sharing any extra details as they come.


I seriously can’t wait to meet you all!




P.S. An actual tutorial will be shared later today.  So check back!!


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