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More about Modern Yardage (a GREAT new fabric shop) and giveaway! CLOSED



Last week, I talked briefly about this brand new fabric shop that has finally been created.  And let me tell you what…..if you like to buy fabric, sew with fabric, or just hoard fabric (ha!)………you need to read on.  Because Modern Yardage has transformed the “old school” way of shopping for fabric, into a revolutionary fabric shopping experience.  And I truly don’t know why someone hasn’t thought of this sooner.  It’s so smart.  And so much easier.  And truly, keeps fabric current and just what the consumers are looking for.  


I couldn’t be more excited.





Last Friday, when I posted about Chloe’s little Shirred Summer Dress, I was bursting at the seams, wanting to say more.  But I knew I’d be posting more about them today.  So I held it all in a bit…..and just shared this little tutorial.




But let’s talk Modern Yardage for a bit.  You’re in for a treat.



Modern Yardage is a U.S. shop that prints fabric on demand.  That means, once you see the fabric design you want and order it, they print it right there in their shop.  The traditional way of fabric designing is that a fabric designer creates a design and then sends it off for production (which can take months and months).  Then, the fabric is printed off in mass and is then shipped off to different fabric shops, etc.  And typically, once it’s gone, it’s gone.  If you really loved it and need more of something, sorry charlie, it’s gone.  If consumers DIDN’T like a particular print, fabric stores run the risk of having lots of excess un-purchased fabric.  Boo.  Not only is it a money loss for a shop, it’s also wasteful fabric laying around that no one ever buys, that’s eventually thrown away.


But Modern Yardage just prints exactly what you want, in the exact dimensions that you ordered.  And let me tell you…….it is so frustrating to get fabric that was cut crooked by the fabric store attendant.  Grrrr!  It’s so nice to have all stragiht edges to work from.  Hallelujah!!!!  But if you order a whole bunch of Fat Quarters (a quarter yard of fabric that’s cut as a square, not a long strip), they would all be lined up on your one piece of fabric.  Very cool.




The other really cool thing about this fabric, is that it’s not cheap.  It’s actually nice and sturdy cotton fabric, with an incredibly soft weave.  You know what I mean when I say cheap-scratchy-fabric, right?  Yuck. 





And the real kicker………is that IT’S PRE-WASHED!!!!!  No more getting ready to sew something that you’re really excited about, and then remembering that you need to pre-wash your fabric.  I looooooove this.





Oh yeah, and the fabric includes a margin along the right side, that includes the fabric care (like shown above), but also the designer and fabric name (instead of searching for it along the selvage of the “old school” fabrics), and a little bit about the designer and the inspiration behind their line of fabric.  Very cool feature.






Oh, and another thing that I think is such a brilliant idea……


You can CHOOSE the size of the print you want.  For example, I chose fabric from Emilie Daly’s “Personality in Carefree” fabric line for Chloes’ dress.  I really loved the Damask in Crystal print……but was given the option of Large, Medium, or Small.  So I chose the “large” for Chloe’s dress.





And then, for the shoulder straps, I found the contrasting color that I wanted.  But I didn’t have to select the same size print (which would have normally been the case with traditional fabric choices).  I was able to choose the “Small” print……which shrunk down the design, and gives it a whole new look.  And the small size was perfect for the straps because it didn’t overwhelm them.  Yes!







Wow.  There are just options, options, and more options. 


And all it will take you is about 3 seconds to fall in love with some of their prints.









Gorgeous.  All of it.


And lucky for you and I both……there’s so much over there to browse through.


So don’t walk, RUN over to Modern Yardage. 


And you lucky ducks will all receive 10% OFF from now until July 17th (that’s 2 days away!).


Use the code MAKEIT-LOVEIT at checkout.  Oh yes!

. . . . .




But one more thing……..a GIVEAWAY for one of you!!


One of you will be the happy recipient of 2 yards of this delicious fabric, in whatever print you want.  And if you want 1 yard of one color and 1 yard of another….cool.  Or hey, maybe you want 8 quarter yards of all different fabrics. Great…..go for it!  It’s all up to you. :)




To Enter:

  • Visit Modern Yardage, and then come back here and leave a comment, sharing your love for Modern Yardage. (That’s one entry)
  • Like Modern Yardage on Facebook, and then leave another comment here, telling me you did so. (That’s a 2nd entry)


That’s it.  2 total comment possibilities per person.  And BE SURE to leave your email in the comment form, so that I can contact you if you win.  No one will see it but me.


Giveaway ENDS on Thursday, July 18th, 11:59 p.m. MST. 

U.S. and Canada residents only.


(IF YOU’RE READING THIS FROM EMAIL OR YOUR RSS FEED……be sure and click over to my blog to enter.)



Good luck!!


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