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NO-SEW Colored Pencil Roll-Up (or crayons, paintbrushes, etc.)…from the book ‘No-Sew Love’

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***More about ‘No-Sew Love’ HERE

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And as a way to celebrate the release of ‘No-Sew Love’, I thought it would be fun to share one of the simpler projects from the book. 


All of the projects within the book are given a skill level, 1 being the most simple, and 3 requiring a bit more skill.  This Colored Pencil Roll-Up is a Level 1……and is a quick project you can make for your kids’ colored pencils.  However, these instructions could easily be adapted to organize crayons, markers, paintbrushes, make-up brushes, etc.  Everything needs their own “home”, right??




When the supplies are not being used, simply roll up the case and tie it closed.  Nice and organized.  And nope, not one bit of sewing is needed.




So just think…….when colored pencils (or other art supplies) have a designated “home”, they will less likely end up on the floor or in the junk drawer.  So, make a few slits into piece of vinyl, slide your pencils inside their individual slots, roll the whole thing up, tie it closed…and then thank me later for a little less clutter in your life!




Okay, time to get cutting.



Skill Level: I

Time Estimate: 60-90 minutes



  • ¼ yard of faux leather (aka: vinyl)
  • 1½ inch wide Grosgrain Ribbon, 1 yard
  • Epoxy glue
  • Utility Knife
  • Cutting Mat
  • White colored pencil/chalk
  • Ruler
  • Lighter


**This colored pencil Roll-Up is designed to fit standard 7-inch long colored pencils, that are a ¼ inch in diameter.  If you’d rather create a Roll-Up for crayons or pens, make adjustments accordingly.


1.  Cut your piece of faux leather down to 8¼ x 23 inches.

2.  Use chalk or a white colored pencil to draw two lines down the length of the piece of faux leather on the back side, splitting the 8¼ inch width of the faux leather into exact thirds. (The lines will be spaced 2¾ inches apart and will be 2¾ inches from each side.  )



3.  Turn the piece of faux leather so that those white lines are laying horizontally and place on top of a cutting mat.  Measure in from the left side 1½ inches from the bottom white line and then make a ¾ inch slit with your utility knife, right along the white line.  Make another identical ¾ inch slit, a ¼ inch below the first one.

4.  Continue making ¾ inch slits along the white line that are spaced a ¼ inch apart and also continue making their identical slits right below them, a ¼ inch down.  You will make a total of 20 sets of slits along (and below) the white line, stopping 1½ inches from the other end.




5.  Those sets of slits will create a snug home for one end of your colored pencils to go.

6.  Repeat the same process with the upper white line, creating slits right along the line but make its identical slit above the white line this time, rather than below.




7.  The slits along both the upper and lower white lines should match up evenly, so that there is a place for each end of your colored pencil.

8.  Cut a piece of ribbon that is 1 yard long and heat seal both ends with a lighter.  (This will melt them and keep them from fraying.)




9.  Along the back side of the very middle of the ribbon, apply a generous amount of epoxy glue, in a 1½ x 1½ inch square.

10.  Lay the faux leather down in front of you horizontally, with the “right” side facing up.  Place the glued section of the ribbon face down, at one end of the rectangle faux leather, centering it from top to bottom.  Press firmly and let dry completely before using.





  • If you have some real leather and prefer to use it for this project, go right ahead!  Faux leather is just less expensive, is easier to find in bigger pieces, and comes in a variety of colors!
  • If you prefer making a Roll-Up for a different type of art supply, a bit of measuring will be needed, as all supplies are different shapes and sizes.  But the concept is the exact same.



Now, slide your supplies inside…..and enjoy a little less clutter in your life!







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