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Guess who’s another year older?!?!


Usually I’m the writer on this blog……but Chloe wants to butt in and make a little announcement:






Haha!  This little nut is now officially a toddler.  (Actually, I think the official toddler age starts at 1……but I’m not willing to let go of my “baby” until they’re 2.)





Our sweet little Chloe is growing up so quickly.  I kinda wish I could trim her down and keep her small.




But this saucy little thing will always do things her own way……like grow speedy fast!




Miss Chloe (who we nicknamed ‘Coco’ when she was 4 or 5 months old and we use more often than Chloe)…….is a lively little thing.  She LOVES attention and LOOOOVES mischief.  Way more than Connor and Elli did at this age.  And gosh, she goes from telling us a very detailed story (in her own enunciated babble, with a few words thrown in here and there), to dancing around the room shouting, “MAMA!….WATCH!…MAMAAAAAAA!”  Or “No-No CONNOR! Dat’s MINE!” Or one of her favorites……”NO, I Do IT!!” 


Oh, and somehow we lost her remote and can’t turn down her volume.  Which only has one setting: LOUD!  ;)





Just for fun… you want to see how much Chloe changes within a 5 minute period??  These faces could be from her actually feeling happy/angry/frustrated……or the faces could be coming from the different ways her face changes when telling us a “Chloe story”.  Yes, she acts as if she is really telling us something important and goes on and on.  And on.  (Mmmmmm……I could eat her up when she does it though!)





Oh sweet baby toddler girl!!  What a happy little ray of sunshine you are in our home. 




Chloe has been the only one of my three kiddos to grow from pregnancy, to being born, to turning one, and now turning 2 years old… on this blog.  Crazy. 


Remember when her 11 pound self was born 2 years ago?  You guys were so sweet and supportive when I was going through all of that.




She still has a bit of those chubby cheeks to kiss on.  Hallelujah! :)


But last weekend, we celebrated her 2 years of life.  She understood even better than Christmas time, that wrapping paper was meant to be shredded.




You may think I’m crazy…..but she’s going to make noise no matter what.  Might as well give her something that she’s ALLOWED to bang on! ;)




And yep Grandma/Grandpa and Aunt Shanny gave Chloe her very first doll house.  Once we showed her where the potty was, she put that baby on and off it, oh, 17 times…..and said, “pee-pee!” every time.  (And then Connor would giggle in the background.  Every time.)




After gifts, it was time for the Elmo Cupcake reveal.  Remember how I shared them earlier this week?




Well, she was SOOOO excited! 




She tried and tried but her little puffs of breath weren’t quite enough to blow out the candles. 




So Connor and Elli helped her……so they could all move on to more important things.




Here favorite parts were the candy face pieces and licking the frosting off in big globs. (She skipped the cake part all together…..she just likes straight sugar, I guess! ;)


However, this girl is not a fan of her hands being dirty.  So she asked for a wet paper towel and took care of business.




But then decided her cupcake was the same sort of messy that her hands were.  So Chloe took care of that too.




Then, she noticed the table had the same issue.  I told her I could help her while she ate her cupcake but she quickly said, “No, I do it.”  This girl may have housekeeping in her future. ;)




What a fun day for our littlest monkey!


Oh Chloe, we are sure happy that you keep us all laughing…….and on our toes!  Even if that means we can’t find you for a second but then eventually find you hiding in my closet, crunching on cough drops.  Or, if Connor or Ellli shout to me for the trillionth time, “Mooooom, Chloe’s eating your chapstick!”  Or, if you sneakily grab Elli’s favorite doll while she’s not looking and then run upstairs so you can play with it before she notices.  Yeah, we know you’re always up to something…..but it keeps us all smiling and cracking up about it later.


What a joy you are, Little Miss! We sure love you.



And thanks to you all for loving on my sweet babies.  I have received so much support here on this blog…..and many of you have become dear friends.  So thanks for humoring me while I share little bits of our personal life on this blog. 


Enjoy your weekend!  And love on some mischievous little toddler that you may know.  They are busy figuring out this big ol’ world…..but they always need a little “time-out” to be loved on! :)



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