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Guess who’s another year older?!?!


Usually I’m the writer on this blog……but Chloe wants to butt in and make a little announcement:






Haha!  This little nut is now officially a toddler.  (Actually, I think the official toddler age starts at 1……but I’m not willing to let go of my “baby” until they’re 2.)





Our sweet little Chloe is growing up so quickly.  I kinda wish I could trim her down and keep her small.




But this saucy little thing will always do things her own way……like grow speedy fast!




Miss Chloe (who we nicknamed ‘Coco’ when she was 4 or 5 months old and we use more often than Chloe)…….is a lively little thing.  She LOVES attention and LOOOOVES mischief.  Way more than Connor and Elli did at this age.  And gosh, she goes from telling us a very detailed story (in her own enunciated babble, with a few words thrown in here and there), to dancing around the room shouting, “MAMA!….WATCH!…MAMAAAAAAA!”  Or “No-No CONNOR! Dat’s MINE!” Or one of her favorites……”NO, I Do IT!!” 


Oh, and somehow we lost her remote and can’t turn down her volume.  Which only has one setting: LOUD!  ;)





Just for fun… you want to see how much Chloe changes within a 5 minute period??  These faces could be from her actually feeling happy/angry/frustrated……or the faces could be coming from the different ways her face changes when telling us a “Chloe story”.  Yes, she acts as if she is really telling us something important and goes on and on.  And on.  (Mmmmmm……I could eat her up when she does it though!)





Oh sweet baby toddler girl!!  What a happy little ray of sunshine you are in our home. 




Chloe has been the only one of my three kiddos to grow from pregnancy, to being born, to turning one, and now turning 2 years old… on this blog.  Crazy. 


Remember when her 11 pound self was born 2 years ago?  You guys were so sweet and supportive when I was going through all of that.




She still has a bit of those chubby cheeks to kiss on.  Hallelujah! :)


But last weekend, we celebrated her 2 years of life.  She understood even better than Christmas time, that wrapping paper was meant to be shredded.




You may think I’m crazy…..but she’s going to make noise no matter what.  Might as well give her something that she’s ALLOWED to bang on! ;)




And yep Grandma/Grandpa and Aunt Shanny gave Chloe her very first doll house.  Once we showed her where the potty was, she put that baby on and off it, oh, 17 times…..and said, “pee-pee!” every time.  (And then Connor would giggle in the background.  Every time.)




After gifts, it was time for the Elmo Cupcake reveal.  Remember how I shared them earlier this week?




Well, she was SOOOO excited! 




She tried and tried but her little puffs of breath weren’t quite enough to blow out the candles. 




So Connor and Elli helped her……so they could all move on to more important things.




Here favorite parts were the candy face pieces and licking the frosting off in big globs. (She skipped the cake part all together…..she just likes straight sugar, I guess! ;)


However, this girl is not a fan of her hands being dirty.  So she asked for a wet paper towel and took care of business.




But then decided her cupcake was the same sort of messy that her hands were.  So Chloe took care of that too.




Then, she noticed the table had the same issue.  I told her I could help her while she ate her cupcake but she quickly said, “No, I do it.”  This girl may have housekeeping in her future. ;)




What a fun day for our littlest monkey!


Oh Chloe, we are sure happy that you keep us all laughing…….and on our toes!  Even if that means we can’t find you for a second but then eventually find you hiding in my closet, crunching on cough drops.  Or, if Connor or Ellli shout to me for the trillionth time, “Mooooom, Chloe’s eating your chapstick!”  Or, if you sneakily grab Elli’s favorite doll while she’s not looking and then run upstairs so you can play with it before she notices.  Yeah, we know you’re always up to something…..but it keeps us all smiling and cracking up about it later.


What a joy you are, Little Miss! We sure love you.



And thanks to you all for loving on my sweet babies.  I have received so much support here on this blog…..and many of you have become dear friends.  So thanks for humoring me while I share little bits of our personal life on this blog. 


Enjoy your weekend!  And love on some mischievous little toddler that you may know.  They are busy figuring out this big ol’ world…..but they always need a little “time-out” to be loved on! :)



Ashley Johnston
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Ashley Johnston

Owner at Make It & Love It
Ashley Johnston is a professional DIY costume maker, sewist, crafter, and owner of Make It & Love It. She is a mom of 5 and a wife to a very patient (with the craft clutter) husband. In case you’re wondering, she always chooses crafting/sewing/designing over mopping/dusting/wiping base boards……but bathrooms/laundry/full bellies are always attended to. Whew!
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  1. Mindy says:

    love this sweet recap of her bursting personality! And yes, I totally remember when you stuck that flower on her newborn head!

  2. Maureen says:

    Happy birthday Chloe! You are a gorgeous little angel :) My daughter, who is going to be 5 in May, got one of those fisher price dollhouses when she was 18 months old as a reward for being such a good girl when we went to Reno (6 hour flight there and 7 1/2 hours back). And just like Chloe there were 2 parts of the house that she played with till we wanted to hide the house and they were the phone and the toilet. Every time she lifted the little lid it would make a flushing noise and for some reason to her that was the most hilarious sound in the world.

  3. Jen says:

    WOW! Your kids are all SO CUTE!!! Happy Birthday to Chloe and Mama!!!

  4. Loz585 says:

    Oh what a lovely post. I got tears in my eyes reading this, your love is very joyous and your daughter seems such a delight! I can certainly relate, my little one is almost two, constantly talking and telling us how it is…life is a real joy with such little characters in it, aren’t we lucky! Congratulations Chloe!!!

  5. chipmunk says:

    Happy birthday Chloe! You are so full of life and fun!

  6. Monique says:

    What a beautiful post celebrating your daughter and her birthday! You really showed us what she is really like. I smiled looking at all the pictures of this happy independent and loving girl.
    In celebrating of her Chloe’s birthday, here is a little song:

    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday Dear Chloe!
    Happy Birthday to You!

    Thank you for sharing with us this special day.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday Chloe!! Wow! I can’t believe she’s two already!! :0)

  8. nelda says:

    Happy birthday pretty girl!

  9. Jo Ann Williams says:

    I totally understand!!! I have a (my one and only!) granddaughter who just turned two and it seems like yesterday she was born and now she’s so ‘grown up’! I just wish I could see her every day…. Enjoy your little Chloe!!!

  10. Dana says:

    The many faces of Chloe is crazy cute! Crazy cute I say! :)

  11. Heather says:

    My almost 2 year old, Rosie, saw the peek a boo picture and started playing along. Happy Birthday Chloe! It’s amazing how those big babies grow up too fast.

  12. Helena says:

    Ohhh my gosh she is so adorable!! I love all her many faces. My favorite is the first one on the third row. :) Wish her a happy birthday for me!! -helena

  13. Ellie says:

    She is a little sweetie! I have a grandson that age, and a 4 yr.ols granddaughter…they are sooo funny! And MY Baby Girl turned 37 today!!!…what?…I was just 37 the other day……….

  14. Anna says:

    That is a great drum! I’ve been looking for one with a good sound for my son, and that looks like it is awesome! Where did you find it?

  15. Shirley G says:

    She is such a little cutie! My babies are in their 20’s so I love enjoying yours through your stories! How wonderful that you are there to love on them – you’ve obviously raised a great bunch of kiddos!

  16. Bonnie Ditto says:

    Have enjoyed watching your angels grow. Look forward to their stages and seeing them model for Mom. Being a mother, grandmother and recently a great-grandmother (JOY), I appreciate the sweet Miss Ellie, the ever funny Connor, and the full on mischief Coco. Keep wanting to kiss cheeks!

  17. Lovaine says:

    I’ve only discovered you this past few months so didn’t see Chloe when she was born. I cannot believe you had an 11lb baby!! Ouch! Anyway, she is absolutely gorgeous as are the other children.. Have you a tutorial on that top she is wearing? Btw I think with all those expressions you have an actor on your hands:) God’s richest blessings.

  18. Dee says:

    Happy Birthday Chloe – Coco!
    It doesn’t feel like two years since she was born, the time just keeps flying by. i remember when she was born. My little neighbour was born just a fortnight later (Chloe has way more hair). They all grow up so fast (but WE don’t get any older. ;)

  19. Jenny says:

    So stinkin’ CUTE! Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Kendra says:

    Oh, she is just too adorable! I love seeing all her little faces. She sounds a lot like my little Katie, especially the “loud” part :) I think 2-year-olds are the best, and you certainly got a great one! Happy Birthday, Coco!

  21. denise says:

    Happy Birthday Chloe., muy Feliz Cumpleaños pequeña te sigo desde hacen dos años, un beso y bendiciones
    desde Bolivia.

  22. Rachel says:

    My baby is 2 today! I remember when you posted about Chloe being born and you said something in that post about how good it felt to not be pregnant anymore, I told my self that the entire time I was giving birth and it really helped me get through it.

  23. Melissa K. says:

    Happy birthday to her! My twin 2-year-olds increased dramatically in volume and mischief when they turned two, too. :) it’s good to see you embrace her zest for life, although I’m guessing it can be challenging, too. :)

  24. Connie Sanders says:

    She is so beautiful and happy!

  25. Rachelle says:

    Happy Birthday Chloe — how cute you are! It’s a great day for a birthday for it is my birthday today too! Enjoy YOUR special day. (wonderful blog — I’ve been reading for so long and lovin’ it. thank you!)

  26. Anonymous says:

    how adorable, she is so cute and i love hearing you tell us about your little ones, all three of them are absolutely lovely, happy birthday to chloe, i certainly enjoyed reading the post. made me smile :)

  27. Jody Brittain says:

    The worst part is they DO grow up! I wish they would stay little a lot longer. Chloe is totally adorable and so cute! Loved and enjoyed the post.

  28. Madiha says:

    Happy birthday to Chloe from Pakistan! I’m actually not a kids person but your children are really cute :) And I do enjoy reading your commentary!

  29. Kate says:

    She is precious!! …can you tell me where you got that little doll (mermaid?) in the picture she is opening the set? I know my little girlie would LOVE one like that. THANKS!

  30. Shawna says:

    SOOOOOOO cute! Happy Birthday Miss Chloe!

  31. Dawn Gray says:

    Precious! Love all these pics!

  32. jennie says:

    oh she is adorable!!! I have a Chloe and she has one volume as well, extremely LOUD!! maybe it’s the name ;)

  33. Erin says:

    She is so absolutely precious! Happy Birthday to an adorable little girl:)

  34. Melissa says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY COCO!!!! You are so adorable and I just miss you! I need to come visit soon!!!

  35. Jenn says:

    Oh my goodness this is A D O R A B L E! My little one will be turning two in a couple of months as well. Thanks for sharing the pics of your little cutie!

  36. sarah says:

    Ash. Thanks for sharing this! As a long time follower, I not only remember her birth, I remember you announcing you were pregnant. She’s precious. Thanks for letting us readers into your life!

  37. Maela says:

    Happy birthday!
    Oh this girl is really lovely!!! And she looks a lot like her sister Eli, doesn’t she? I still remember when you made a skeleton halloween dress for yourself with a little girl skeleton on your belly, and now she is already two.
    My baby girl is just 3 months old and I don’t think she will cease to be my “baby” any time soon… maybe when she will turn 10, but I’m not sure!

  38. Kate says:

    It’s these personal notes that make your blog all the more enjoyable for me. My favourite crafting blogs are blogs where the authors take time to let us into their lives a little bit, too!
    Happy Birthday, Miss Coco!

  39. Joy says:

    I agree with toddlers at 2. Babycenter sent me an email on my daughters first birthday calling her a toddler!!! I flipped out. At that point she wasn’t even trying to walk yet. Then at 2 they called her a Preschooler!!! Let’s not rush things. Thanks for sharing your family with us! I look forward to each of your posts!

  40. Magda E. says:

    Oh such a sweet post. Happy birthday to Coco. Here in Portugal we don’t have a word for toddler, our kids are considered babies until they are 3 and then they go straight to being a child. I guess you’d like that right?! My girl is 20 months old and I’m getting all excited for her birthday already! Love M.E.

  41. British American says:

    Happy Birthday Chloe! She is so adorable! I must have been reading your blog for at least 2 years! :) My son (also my 3rd child) turns 2 next week. And he sounds a lot like Chloe – he’s always getting into mischief – much more than his big sister and brother ever did too. He even likes to hide in the closet and get into lotion too. I’m still calling him my “baby” – since he doesn’t talk much yet. It’s fun to hear what sentences Chloe says. :) Her cupcakes look so fun. I’m making a train cake for my son, since he loves all things train. :)

  42. Katy says:

    Happy Birthday little lady! She is adorable. Just wondering where you got her outfit…love it! Wasn’t sure if it is one of your creations, or store-bought? I love the navy/coral combo. Thanks!

  43. Cheri says:

    She is so adorable pretty little girl!!! happy birthday Hun have a wonderful day!!!

  44. Sabrina says:

    Love that girl. Love your kids. Love your blog. Love that you share sweet things about them. Thank you, Ashley, for all that you do!

  45. Michele says:

    What a little doll! Love her expressions! Happy Birthday!

  46. Cristina says:

    Happy Birthday Coco! You are one adorable child! It’s not difficult to imagine that your parents can’t help but laugh with you at your little mischiefs…The more she grows up, the more she ressembles her siblings, how cute!

  47. Kathy says:

    I love the personal things you share, and your children are precious! Watching Chloe grow up, since I joined your blog whenever that was, she just makes me smile, I can’t tell you! I love when you have pictures of her on here, probably as much as when you share your awesome projects. Happy birthday to her!

  48. Angela says:

    She is so adorable and as you described her it reminded me so much of my 2 year old who is also wild but so cuddly and happy. Thanks for sharing this little ray of sunshine with us.

  49. Nancy says:

    Happy birthday Wishes to Chloe all the way from Australia! I can’t believe your sweet baby girl is two already (I’m one of those readers that has followed along before you we’re even expecting); thanks for sharing such a sweet post.

  50. Karin says:

    Happy Birthday Chloe!!! I forget that you are so close to my little one too! My baby girl is turning two in 10 days… and would you believe her middle name is Eileen too!! How funny! That was my husbands grandmother’s name. The photos are beautiful, looked like a wonderful day!

  51. Sylvia Young says:

    WoW ! 2 already. Happy Birthday Chloe. I can not believe it has been that long, I do remember when she was born. So sweet!

  52. Hannah @Supermommy!...Or Not. says:

    Happy Birthday, Chloe! I can’t believe she’s 2 years old already. It’s been fun watching her grow up on your blog :)

  53. Brie says:

    She is just too cute! Happy Birthday Chloe!

  54. Olga says:

    Happy birthday, Chloe!!!

  55. Moni says:

    Happy Birthday Chloe.
    From Italy

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