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How’s Your Weather?


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We got dumped on in Colorado this week.

(I think it was 10 inches total, within 24 hours.)


Yep, lots and lots of snow. 




The weather man told us there was a 90% chance of heavy snow fall.  So I hauled all 3 kids around to buy coats, snow bibs, boots, hats and gloves…….the night before the snow fell.  We seemed kind of desperate as we sprawled out in the snow boot aisle at Target, trying to outfit everyone with the right sized boot.  My four year old girl asked me why I wasn’t buying any boots for me.  I told her my feet were too big for the shoes there. 


She looked concerned. 


Then I apologized for my genes.  And told her to start praying that her feet never pass a women’s size 10. 

Because her momma’s size 12 are hard to outfit.

[I should start praying for the baby’s feet too. ;)]



We had such great weather last weekend.  That’s when I photographed the kiddos in their Mary Poppins costumes


However, there was no sadness due to this recent snowfall.  The kids had full access to white fluff ALL DAY LONG. 

They were in rosy cheek heaven.




This little guy was so concerned about his buried plastic lawn mower.  Don’t worry…..he dug it out.




And she was very worried about grandma’s herbs.  Whew, the basil was rescued.




I did regret buying a size 2T-5T sized glove for this kid.  (What manufacturer makes a kid glove size with that kind of size difference?!?!!)  Those little suckers slipped off about 73 times.  My husband says I exaggerate sometimes……but 73 times is not exaggerating.  Gahhhh.  I wised up when they went out later in the day and wrapped a rubber band around the glove at the wrist.  It saved my sanity.




I felt sad for those little Fall leaves that never had time to fully change and fall to the ground. 




But watching these little turkeys play in the snow on and off for at least 4 hours that first day……was pretty enjoyable.  (Ask me how I feel about the snow in February.)




And after about an hour and a half of pure icy fun, I made them come in to warm up those red cheeks.  I know, big mean mom.  They weren’t happy about that.  But after throwing around the words “hot chocolate” a few times……….they finally obliged.



Now, how about you? 

Did snowflakes fall from your sky this week?



. . . . .



By the way, make sure and upload your Halloween Costumes

to my flickr group here



There are so many darling ones in there already. 

I will do a little Virtual Costume Parade on Monday or Tuesday (and post a bunch of your costumes here on my blog). 

I can’t wait to see more!!!!!



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