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A new face….and it’s freeing!

Oh my goodness…..I’ve been wanting to share this for months now—MONTHS!  But it’s something a little different than what I normally share.  And this summer was so hectic….but now that the kiddos are back in school, my days have opened up a bit more.  (Except that Oliver tends to walk around the house, looking for his buddies, and when he can’t find them….he snuggles into my lap.  But I’m good with that.  2 years old only lasts for so long.)

Anyway, a little background first.  Let’s talk teenage acne.  I wasn’t an overly pimply teenager.  Yes, I had my fair share and did plenty of bathroom-mirror-popping…..but I didn’t have a huge acne problem like I know some really struggle with.  And actually, I would get them worse on my back….ugggh, I forgot about that until just now.  (Glad those are gone….they were PAINFUL!)  But I still had my fair share to deal with.  Once I hit my 20s, my acne calmed down a tad but still hung around.  I remember thinking, oh, in my 30s, my hormones will calm down and I won’t get acne anymore, the oily spots will hopefully go away, and I won’t get those beneath the surface impossible-to-pop-boil-type pimples anymore either.  Now I’m 35.  And yes, while things have calmed down….it hasn’t gone away like I thought it would.  Yep, the pimples still come.  In fact, a new problem has arisen, and actually has made me more frustrated than the pimples.  REDNESS.  And those darn ENLARGED PORES.  My gosh, what happened to my face?!  I was constantly layering on foundation, to hide the redness and hopefully fill in the pores a bit.  But because the foundation would blend differently on the redness of my nose/cheeks/chin than it did on my pale forehead/eyes/jawline… always looked like there was a discolored blanket on top of my face.  I tried so many make-up brands, tools, and cover-up wands — but nothing worked.  I think what really made me realize that it was a problem, was when Elli (my 9 year old daughter) and I were chatting on my bed about who knows what…..and she paused while looking at my face and said, “why is your face so RED and and around your eyes are so WHITE?!! Do you do that on purpose??”  Ummmm, no child, I don’t.  (((…sigh)))

That’s when I started noticing people posting online about some new Face Wash Regimen they had been using that claimed to make huge changes to your skin.  I was seeing it everywhere….and that’s why I was skeptical.  Because this company was making HUGE claims and were saying they could help so many different skin types and issues.  Hmmmm. But, it wasn’t until I started seeing faces of people I really knew (and their before/after pictures), that I had to ask a few more questions.

And that’s when I started using Rodan and Fields on my face…..and now, I no longer worry about covering up my RED face, big pores, and annoying pimples with foundation make-up……..because I DON’T NEED IT ANYMORE!

Yes, I still wear eye make-up, but I NEVER wear liquid foundation anymore. EVER. Yahoo! :)

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In case you were wondering, yes, I still get the occasional pimple.  But it’s pretty rare.  And if one or two pop up, it’s right around that lovely female “time of the month”. :)  But the weirdest thing… no longer takes days and days to clear up.  If one pops up, I just make sure to clean and treat my face with my Rodan and Fields  like normal, and then it’s usually gone by the next day.

In fact, I woke up to a pimple this morning and it was bright red.  I knew I was going to take a few pictures of my face and was a little bummed that there would be a small pimple on my face. I really wanted to share a picture that was “normal”….and my new “normal” is almost always pimple-free.  But, I figured I’d share anyway because it was the perfect way to explain that I washed my face like normal this morning and then about an hour later, I noticed the redness decreased by about half.  I hadn’t really paid attention to the timing before but since I was annoyed with it, I noticed, and thought it was pretty incredible how quickly it was going away.  So, instead of gradually getting bigger throughout the day, it has gotten smaller.  And I bet by tomorrow morning, it will be gone.

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Oh, and the REDNESS.  Hallejulah, it has gotten SO MUCH BETTER!  I still have some and that’s okay….but nothing like it was before.  And I have to tell you….I was starting to notice more and more of those enalrged nasty pores on my nose, but even larger ones around the sides of my nostrils, you know, like right in the creases.  Ugggh.  Those wide open pores are the perfect homes for huge blackheads, so unless you close them up, there’s no way around it.  Boo.  BUT—- those suckers have SHRUNK down in size.  I can hardly even believe it!

Now, here’s where I’d like to show you my before/after pictures.  But, well, I don’t have any.  WAHHH!  I mean, I took a few with my phone a few months ago, right before starting to use my Rodan and Fields Regimen, but of course, they’re gone.  I should have taken some with my real camera and saved them to my computer like I normally do but it’s hard to use a big bulky camera to photograph your own face.  So I used my phone camera because it’s little and simple to use.  But, phones pics are tricky.  And sometimes things get erased when transferring data that you already thought you saved, but didn’t.  Ooops. :(

Also, taking pictures of my own face isn’t my favorite thing to do.  Haha!  I try to make a normal face, but end up laughing at myself while feeling super goofy …..and then end up filling my camera with a whole bunch of these pictures.  Oh my…

face pics
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(I would make a terrible teenager these days.  How in the world would I fill up my social media account with billions of selfies, if I’m so terrible at taking them?! Haha….teenagers make me laugh! ;) )


Okay, and here’s where I’m going to get real with you.  The only reason I’m sharing this here online and taking up a whole blog post about it… because my face has changed.  In fact, a blogging friend of mine is the one who got me all set up with Rodan and Fields and has helped me so many times, figure out what would be best for me!  And the reason I even knew she was using it, was for the same reason……it changed her life!  I’m sure many of you know the darling Katy from No Big Dill (and if you don’t, you should dig around on her site for a bit.  She is one clever seamstress with an eye for amazing detail!  Agggh, I just love her style so much!)

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Anyway, Katy is the mother of 6 darling kiddos and probably assumed like I did….surely by now, the acne should be gone.  But it wasn’t.  And she has tried creams, ointments, serums and even prescriptions to help clear up the acne.  But these were her results, after using Rodan and Fields for 6 weeks!  Pretty incredible!

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.24.17 PM
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Anyway, at first I just wanted to just test out the product.  And I thought—meh, why not?  I knew I had 60 days to use it……and if I didn’t like it, I could return the empty bottles back for a full refund.  Easy as that.  Well, it didn’t take me long to notice how much cleaner, tighter, smoother, and brighter my face was looking.  And even more crazy….is that my husband started noticing only after a couple weeks.  Now, neither Steve or I are big fans of multi-level marketing companies and have had some bad experiences with them in the past, so I have to say that it was especially Steve who was super skeptical at first.  But, once he started noticing the difference in my face, he was pretty surprised.  Every time he would mention it, I would always crack up.  It’s like we were figuring it wouldn’t work for me and what I thought were “unique” issues.  But haha, joke was on us….Rodan and Fields really was changing my skin! ;)

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Okay, here’s the deal with Rodan and Fields.  It was created by the 2 dermatologists (Dr Rodan and Dr Fields) who created Proactiv.  And after they made their fortune with that….they created this new line, that includes so many different regimens for so many different skin types and issues.  The coolest part though, is that remember how popular Proactiv became and how well it did???  Well, they’re set for life from that company…so all their profits from Rodan and Fields support inner city children improve their future.  Pretty darn cool.  (More about the doctors HERE.)

Now, here’s more details about all these different regimens that Rodan and Fields includes….because that’s where my jaw kinda drops by what each regimen claims.  But the proof is in the results.


First of all, all projects are FDA compliant (which is not very common for this category of face products)….which I found comforting.

Okay, so Rodan and Fields breaks down into 4 different regimens to help 4 different skin types….because you know, we don’t all have the same issues.

REDEFINE —–> to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and pores

Here’s a real-life costumer who used the Redefine Regimen (found HERE) for only 3 weeks!

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Here’s one more who I’m so impressed by, with photos showing a longer progression.  Pretty remarkable!

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UNBLEMISH —–> to stop blackheads/pimples and combat the acne cycle.

Here’s a real-life costumer who used the Unblemish Regimen (found HERE) for 6 weeks!

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REVERSE —–> to lighten sun and age spots

Here’s a real-life costumer who used the Reverse Regimen (found HERE) for 1 month!

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SOOTHE —–> for sensitive skin

Here’s a real-life costumer who used the Soothe Regimen (found HERE) for 5 months!

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Yeah, I know….maybe you fall under more than one category.  So did I!  There’s actually a really helpful quiz to help you decide which regimen is best for you to start with HERE…and then maybe you can transition to another regimen later on, if needed.



I know there’s a lot to see and read, etc, etc.  But it really is pretty simple.  Yes, I signed up to be a consultant but that’s mostly because I could buy the product cheaper.  That’s all I’ve done with it since signing up 3 months ago.  Well, that, and share with one friend who lives nearby….and then share with all of you today.  But, I knew if I didn’t care for any of it, I could send the whole box back and say, “thanks but it’s not for me”.  They really are okay with that.  I just want to be really transparent though.  If you sign up using any of the links…..I have no intention AT ALL to call or harass you.  Trying to convince people to use something they don’t want, is not my thing. So, I’ll give you a few tips to keep things easy, and as cheap as possible……so you can start seeing some changes with your skin!!!!

  • First, decide which regimen to use by taking the quiz above.
  • If you’re still unsure, leave a comment below or you can email me and then either myself or Katy (my blogging friend who introduced me to R+F), can talk you through it, help with suggestions, etc.
  • If you want to save a little extra—-sign up as a PREFERRED CUSTOMER when making your first order of $80 or more.  What that means is that you get an extra 10% off, free shipping, you’ll receive an automatic shipment every 60 days (that you can customize, but must be over $80)……priority customer service.  BUT, you DO NOT have to make that order every 60 days if you don’t need product.  You can cancel it or delay it all you want.  There is no minimum you must pay every month….none of that! 
  • Oh, and remember YOU HAVE 60 DAYS to decide.  And if you didn’t see any progress or just hated it all together, send those empty bottles on back.  Really, no other strings attached.  (They attach this guarantee because once you try it, more than likely… will be a customer for life! :))


Okay, want to see what I am using??  I have tried several of the regimens for a few days but my very favorite and what has reacted best with my skin, is the REDEFINE Regimen.  In the morning, I use steps 1, 2, and 3 (the AM container).  And then in the evening, I use steps 1, 2, and 3 (the PM container).

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But in the evening, I also use my favorite product of all…..the AMP MD System.  Those blue beads are filled with a clear serum that works magic and for some reason, I feel like it helps my face every time I use it.  Each bead is filled with a retinol and peptide technology that is clinically shown to help skin appear firmer and make lines and wrinkles less noticeable.  Yes please!  I used to only use it a few times a week…..but now I use it almost every night!

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***If you purchase both the REDEFINE Regimen and the AMP MD System up above, right now they’re having a special where R+F is throwing in a FREE Acute Care set (which is worth $220 alone).  Anyway, you can buy things separately…but in case you were going to get both, why not get something free with it!!  HERE’S the special sale price!


Oh, and what’s the blue stick thing sitting next to my beads? The AMP MD Roller.  Yes, that roller has teeny tiny little needles that you roll all over your face!  Ack….so weird, I know!  But the reason for the teeny needles, is to help speed up the process of the serum.  It allows the serum to pass through the skin’s surface more quickly….and man does it help!  But, I promise, it’s not painful.  Katy compared it to the feeling of a male’s scratchy beard, poking the skin on your face.  And ever since then, that’s exactly what I think it feels like!  However, after using it regularly, you stop feeling anything at all.

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I’m completely in love with these little beads!

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Something else I’ve been using the past few weeks, is this Multi-Function Eye Cream.  To be honest, I kinda forgot that it came with my initial purchase…..but have really loved using it!  All you need is a tiny dab of this cream and it helps with crows feet, puffy eyes, and dark eye circles.  Something that I have had some issues with….but not a ton.  But so far, I have noticed my eye skin firming up and this helping with the morning puffy eyes.

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Oh gosh, I almost forgot….something else that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…..are these mineral peptide powders.  Oh, and that great little brush.  I put this powder on some days, when I feel like my face needs a little extra smoothing or more of a matte look to my skin.  It is not one bit like a liquid foundation, but actually offers some coverage if needed.  I don’t use it every day and don’t really need to….but like using it when I put on my full eye makeup!

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Wow.  That was a lot of info.  But I hope it was helpful to see some pictures and to hear how much I have been loving my skin, even after a short period of time!  Rodan and Fields truly is remarkable…..and helps a large variety of customers regain confidence and feel so good.  And for me, that’s huge!

If you have any questions at all, please ask (use the comment section below, my contact form above, or send me an email at ashley(at)makeit-loveit(dot)com).  I can do my best to help……but Katy is also willing to jump in and answer questions too!  I promise this isn’t a high pressure stalking type situation…but if you’ve been needing some help with your skin, great, we’re here to help!  If not… biggee at all.

Enjoy your day! :)






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