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Thanksgiving Bunting Banner…from Cupcake Liners

Today’s contributor is Kimberly from Straight Stitch Designs.  All posts written by Kimberly for Make It and Love It can be found HERE.

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Hi everyone, I’m Kimberly from Straight Stitch Designs.

The holidays are in full swing and I am happy to be back sharing a project with you.  We are getting close to my absolute favourite holiday of the year.  What’s better than getting all your family together with a huge table full of food and just spending time with the ones you love?

Since my kids love decorating for the holidays why not combine my love of Thanksgiving with their love of decorating?  Today I am sharing with you an easy bunting tutorial that can be made to decorate your table for Thanksgiving.


What I love most about this project is that it is so easy because the only item you need are cupcake liners!  I know, it’s that simple, but looks so fun and festive.


These cupcake liner buntings are my go-to decoration for holidays because of the endless designs you can find.  How cute would one of these be in pinks and reds for Valentines day?


This project only needs a few supplies:

  • Cupcake Liners – in patterns and colors that go with your theme
  • Topstitching/Denim Thread
  • Topstitching/Denim Needle
  • Sewing Machine


I went to my local cake shop to get my liners but you can find them at Joanns, Michaels, or various places online like Amazon.  For the thread, you can definitely use regular thread if you would like, I just prefer to use top-stitching thread because it is thicker.


Take the liners you are using and fold them in half.  Don’t worry if they aren’t totally flat, you will just be sewing along the top of the liner for the bunting.


Before you sew I would recommend lengthening your stitch to around a 4 or higher stitch length.  The stitching is for decoration so the stitches can be longer than if it was for stability of a garment.

Make sure to also leave a long tail at the start of your bunting so that there is a way to hang it up when you are done.


Since you pre-folded all of the liners you are using ahead of time, now you can just sew them together.  I usually make a pile with them in order so I can just grab the next one off the top of the pile.  If you go slow enough you can just feed them through one at a time and not actually stop sewing.

And just like that you have a thanksgiving bunting banner from cupcake liners!


It is totally reasonable to now go and make these in all the cute cupcake liners you can get your hands on.

Don’t worry you are not the only one doing it!




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Don’t stop there!

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