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Wood Plank Cross-Stitch “FALL” Decor

Do you feel “Fall” creeping in outside?  I do too.  I don’t know how this happened so quickly but suddenly the sun goes down so much earlier in the evening.  Daylight Saving’s hasn’t even hit yet……but that darn sun is already giving up way too early in the day.  And at first, I was a little disappointed……but I’m finally getting used to the idea.  Because now I can bring out the scarves.  And the sweaters.  And all of my favorite pumpkin spice scents that just don’t smell right during the rest of the year.


And what else?  I’ve been digging out little bits of Fall Decor that have been stored down in big plastic tubs in the basement.  And because I get the itch to add something new to my decor each year, I was happy that this month’s theme with Michael’s Makers was Fall Decor.


So, I spent a little time doing a little cross-stitching over the weekend…….with WOOD!




Yep, this cross-stitching was done right through a nice slice of beautiful basswood!




Fall decor tends to be a little more earthy, so this piece of wood seemed perfect to hang from my wall, above my pumpkins and other fall decor (that are helping me warm up to this whole “farewell to summer” thing).





So I drilled a bunch of holes into my wood plank, grabbed some hemp cording, and then added a bit of cross-stitching — just like I used to love doing when I was like 10 years old.  (You did too, right?  Bears holding balloons with fluffy clouds and a rainbow in the background.  Totally cool in the early 90’s.)




This could easily be adapted to the word(s) “AUTUMN” or “GIVE THANKS” ……and even a little cross-stitched leaf or pumpkin added to one end.




I just love the simplicity of the whole look.  And how unexpected it is to see stitching through a piece of wood.  And how cozy it makes this little corner of our living room.  Okay Autumn, now I’m ready for you! :)




Want to do a little cross-stitching too?  Okay, grab a little slice of wood!



  • Wood Plank (I purchased my slice of Basswood at Michael’s and it was 24 x 9 inches.  It was $7.50 after using a 50% off coupon.  You could also slice your own wood, if you have the right type of saw.)
  • Hemp Cording
  • Tapestry Needle (or another type of large needle with a large enough eye to fit your cording through)
  • Tape (any type)
  • Graph Paper (I used 1/4 inch graph paper)
  • Drill


First, decide how big you’d like your letters to be.  Then, draw them out on graph paper, making sure that the width and height of each letter is the same, so that your “FALL” is uniform.  Also, decide how far apart you’d like your holes and how many you’ll need and where they’ll be drilled.



Cut your letters out and tape them to your wood, right where you’d like them.



Then use a screw and poke a hole into the wood, right where each hole needs to be drilled.



Be sure that you are pushing hard enough to see visible holes.



Then, drill your holes big enough to fit 4 strands of your cording plus your needle through (because some holes will need 4 strands to fit through to make the “X”‘s of your letter).



Sand the surface of the wood and then re-drill each hole if needed.



Here’s my lettering complete.



Then, thread your needle with some cording and begin cross-stitching by making X’s. 



Be sure to tape the ends of the cording on the back, so that it stays in place.  (When you’re done, you could go back and glue each end to be sure they stay in place.  OR, you could just use a stronger tape, like duct tape, from the very beginning.  I realized after I was done that my scotch tape probably wouldn’t last year after year.)



Now, you can either attach some sort of picture hanging hardware to the back…..or you can drill two holes near the top of the wood on both ends and thread some thicker hemp string (or wire, fabric, etc) through the holes and place knots in the ends.  Cut off the excess.



Now hang your wood plank near your Fall decor.



And enjoy that little piece of earthy beauty!





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