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a LIVE TV interview for No-Sew Love (a sure way to raise your blood pressure!!!)

Oh. My. Word.


Let me tell you the secret to raising your blood pressure.  And anxiety level.  And how to perspire from every pore of your body.  Here’s the secret —–> sign up to do a little news interview on LIVE television for the new book you wrote.  (Oh, and throw in having a baby recently so that your body isn’t back to normal…..or your emotions, for that matter.)  I’m telling ya…….an interview will do all those things for you.  You know, in case you’re into high blood pressure and sweat and all that.




Yesterday, I agreed to do an interview in Denver at the Channel 9 News building on the 10 o’clock show, Colorado and Company, for my book, No-Sew Love.  I walked in the building, totally intimidated (but of course was trying really hard to just play it cool…) and waited for the whole process to begin.  I had my laundry basket of props and my dress-form on wheels, ready to locate the correct set.




And just like the movies, this place was stuffed with news desks and employees, ready to catch the most current story.




The show’s producer, Dreux, led me into the back room to finalize a few bits of information and pictures for the segment.  And let me tell you a little something about Dreux.  Every news station needs a producer like this because he was a laugh a minute…..and helped me feel like I had been there 100 times before and was just a part of his team. 




He even let me snoop around and peek at all the cameras.  We even found an employee at some desk somewhere in the building, who was flossing his teeth while on camera.  So, what does one do with that information?  Well, you call that employee and tell him that we’re watching him and that he missed a spot.  Ha. 




But oh yeah, back to the real reason I was there.


Dreux led me to the set and showed me where to set up my props.  The first thing that I noticed was that it was dark and kinda chilly in there.  I knew right away that once those lights came on and the camera began rolling, things would heat up.  (And boy did they!)  But first, I headed over to the tall counter in the kitchen area and began setting up my things.  There would be several other segments before mine on a different set, so after setting things up, I took a seat off to one side of the room to watch.




Before too long, it was time to take my place.  Dreux attached my microphone and told me were to stand.  And then that big ol’ camera got right up in my face and I knew it was time.  Oh yeah, did I mention that the show was LIVE?  No re-do’s, remember?!!  So, that’s when I started worrying about my props, my hair, what to do with my hands, how to disguise my post-baby extra pounds, where to look, who to talk to, what points to make sure to include, etc.  And those camera men?  They were the best.  They smiled, told me to have fun, reminded me to be myself……all within like 5 seconds of the show starting.  I could hear the commercials running and then suddenly a countdown of 3-2-1.  And then my segment began and I kinda forgot all about that other stuff.  And just chatted with Denise, the host of Colorado and Company.



Denise asked questions about my book No-Sew Love and was so sweet and curious — such a great host!  I’ll admit, I knew the questions beforehand…but my tongue got a little tongue-tied at times and my mouth was desert-dry.  And my brain?  I’m not sure where it was hiding on some of those answers.  Gah!  But, oh well, it was still a lot of fun.




And what kind of cool producer walks around the set while the segment is being filmed, and takes pictures with my cell phone for me?  Thanks again Dreux.  So cool to see all the ins and outs of how this all came together.



And just like that, we were done.  And the first thing that came out of my mouth……”Oh my gosh, I’m SWEATING!!”  Haha.


Then, it was time to head back out to the car with all my stuff (and to nurse a hungry baby who had been waiting with Steve and the other kids).  And since I had several things to carry, Dreux and the camera man (forgive me…his name slipped my memory) offered to help carry my things out and may or may not have danced with my rolling dress-form.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t know what else to do with her because they kept asking, “where do I put my hands to hold this thing?  It’s kind of awkward.”  Haha!  Sorry about that!




If you want to watch the segment, click here.



But if you watch, promise me you’ll just ignore my quirkiness.  And my speed-talking.  Oh, and the vain Ashley wants you to know that TV adds like 30 pounds.  Holy smokes!  (Or maybe that’s having a baby and enjoying a few too many midnight milkshakes for 9 months.  You know… of the two! ;) )



Thanks again Colorado and Company.  Truly, what an experience!  Thanks for your interest in No-Sew Love and helping a brand new author chat and gab about her beloved book.



Talk to you guys soon!





More about No-Sew Love HERE












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