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What moms really want for Mother’s Day!

My mom is reaching the upper years of her life (that’s the sneaky way of excusing myself from revealing her actual age…hi mom!) and has lived a very, very full life.  She has seen many things, experienced many things, and is now living the retired life.  (Which, if you ask me…doesn’t seem very relaxing.  She packs every single day with volunteering at the retirement center, running so-and-so to the bank, teaching the neighbor girl to play piano, driving food over to so-and-so’s family who just had a baby, organizing activities for women’s groups, volunteering every Saturday at our church’s temple, staying with different families’ children while the parents take a trip, etc.  But secretly, I know she loves every bit of it!)  And because she has lived such a full life, she doesn’t really need many material things to keep her happy.


I do know this though…the thing that brings her the most joy in this world is her family.  But since her 7 children and 19 grandchildren (hopefully 20 soon, through adoption) live in several different states, she doesn’t get to see everyone as much as I know she’d like.  So, one thing that is a must—is to stay connected with “Grandma Silk.”  Because grandma loves her grand babies!  (Grandpa Silk loves them too…but we’re talking about grandma today! :))


Yes, that’s baby Chloe back in 2011.  And yes, those cheeks weighed about a pound each! ;)


Since we’ve moved away from Colorado a couple months ago (where my parents live,) the thing that keeps us connected best, is using our Verizon phones.  My 3 older kids are old enough to navigate my phone and figure out how to call grandma.  And FaceTime is Chloe’s favorite way to keep grandma updated on her little 4-year-old life.





Because when you’re 4, there is SO much to talk about.  And I think this is her favorite way to chat with grandma because she can see her face—and know for SURE that grandma is listening to every. last. detail. of her story.  And my word, can that girl talk and talk and talk…  Ha!




And grandma dishes the stories and conversation right back…




Oliver is only 9 months old, but to have the ability to see grandma’s face and to hear her voice…is priceless.




He doesn’t quite understand why she’s so tiny on that screen but he can sure see that this smiley grandma lady is trying to talk to him and keeps saying his name…so he inevitably tries to touch her and grab her, right through the phone.  I just can’t believe how easy it is these days to make sure my children stay familiar with the faces of those who love them most.  Such a treasure!




Connor and Elli have just started experiencing the value (and thrill) of texting.  And yes, they’re still a little slow at it….but so is Grandma!  So, she is the perfect match for a 6 and 8 year old.  (Ha….love you mom!)




So, if grandma is at an appointment or has a minute to sit and text, Connor and Elli can pass texts back and forth with her.  Even if it includes a trillion smiley faces.




And since my mom was a kindergarten teacher for years, of course she’s going to test their knowledge, using the little Emoji pictures!  And my kids LOVE it!! :)




So that got me thinking about moms and Mother’s Day and what moms really want.  Yeah, a restaurant gift card, a set of fancy bowls, and a new pair of earrings are all wonderful gifts…but give mom what she really wants and help her to connect a little more easily with her kids and/or grandkids.


Verizon Wireless has got you covered!  A new Bluetooth headset to keep connected with you while she’s getting things done around the house, a new stylish case for her phone, a Verizon gift card to help her upgrade to a smart phone, like the new Samsung Galaxy S6, or hey, maybe she’d like a new tablet to make chatting and sending messages a little more magnified!  (It’s okay mom, you’re not the only one with a pair of magnified pharmacy glasses in every room of the house!)  Or if mom already has all those things, resolve to make some better health choices together and gift her a new Fit Bit and stay connected through your fitness journey.


It doesn’t matter her age because my mom is in her 70s (I didn’t say the actual number…so that doesn’t count) and she really is getting the hang of it all!  Verizon really has so many gift ideas that moms of all ages and stages of life will adore!




To my sweet mother and all the other moms out there……Happy Mother’s Day!



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Compensation for this post was provided by Verizon Wireless via AOL Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Verizon Wireless or AOL.



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