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What’s in my POOL BAG?? –our Must-Have Summer Products

I’d venture to say we spend more days than not at the pool. Now, if only we had a beach nearby! I love the warm sand. Sound of the waves. Breeze on my face……but I digress. If you’re like me, you spend a lot of summer near the water! My kids beg to go daily. I wanted to share with you a few items in MY pool bag. These are things that I love, which also make the experience a little less stressful.  Because, let’s be real, sometimes going to the pool with little ones can be work! My bag is usually full to the brim!

1. The Bag

You can’t fill a bag of awesome pool friendly products without a BAG!  I love this mesh bag you can make yourself. It’s perfect to put your wet items inside!

2. Think Baby Sunscreen

This is my favorite sunscreen for my kiddos. After reading so many articles about the various “dangers” of certain sunscreens, I went out searching and found this! 50 SPF + free of harmful chemicals! Don’t believe me? Read the great reviews! Moms love this!

3. Maui Babe

Anyone love a beautiful tan? Combine this with a touch sunscreen for a GORGEOUS tan. A college roommate of mine lived in Hawaii for awhile and told me about this magic product. At the time, it was only sold on the islands, but now, YOU can buy it here on the mainland. It’s AMAZING. It gives me a golden tan in a much shorter time! This is a mama must have!

4. Puddle Jumper

If you have kids that are young or not the best swimmers yet, these Puddle Jumpers are AWESOME. Ask anyone (or read the thousands of positive reviews). They give me such peace of mind. You can’t ALWAYS be paying perfect attention to each kid all the time. If something were to happen, these puddle jumpers can be life savers. I love that they don’t make my kiddos fall forward or backwards like some life jackets. Plus, they are comfortable enough to allow kids to really PLAY in them. They come in lots of colors and designs!

5. Kimono Cover Up

For my kiddos, I love these swimming towel coverups. They are SO handy.  For me, I like something a bit lighter, but with decent enough coverage so no one has to stare at my thighs running the bathroom 50 million times with my toddler. No one wants to see that. ;) My current favorites are kimonos. They’re light, breezy, and super stylish. Plus, they can go from pool to date night and fit all sizes!

6. EOS Chapstick

I don’t leave home with out it! Tastes good. Feels good! Keeps my lips from getting chapped in the sun and elements! Strawberry sorbet is my favorite “flavor”. What is yours?

7. Personalized Towels

What is it with kids fighting over towels?? “I want the green one!” “No I want it! it’s mine!” I finally came up with an easy solution – put their names on it. I love these personalized towels. PLUS they’re currently on sale! Only $20 with FREE shipping!

8. Silicone Snack Tubes

What is it about swimming that makes you STARVED? My kids are constantly asking for snacks when we’re there, and I’m always wanting a snack! I love these silicon snack holders (that can double up as popsicle molds as well) and my kids love them too! They’re great to fill with raisins, carrots, berries etc.

9. Rash Guard

I prefer to keep my kiddos covered in the sun rather than be worried the whole time about sunburns! I discovered this line of suits called Swim Zip and they are fantastic. They have UV protection AND they are two pieces and ZIP UP. This makes bathroom/changing time SO much easier! Plus, they have tons of really cute styles and prints for boys and girls!

10. O2Cool Water Bottle

I was introduced to this water bottle at my kids’ swim lessons. Another mom had it and all of us were amazed. (Isn’t it funny the things you get excited about??) It’s a water bottle AND it is a mister! This is the perfect hot weather friendly water bottle. My kids think they are so fun and I find them drinking more water when they’re around!

11. Sport-brella

We use this not just at the pool, but also at summer baseball games! That summer sun is HOT and this is the best way to stay out of it! It provides a little shade and relief from the heat. It’s super easy to set up and take down as well.

12. Waterproof Phone bag

As diligent as I am when it comes to protecting my phone, things happen. I love this waterproof bag because it protects my phone from any sneaker waves or misdirected splashing!

13. Wireless speaker

If you’re in a situation where you can listen to music, there’s nothing else that sets the summer mood more. I can just hear the “Beach Boys” songs in my head now.. This speaker is extra fabulous because you can use it around water. I love to use mine to play music from my phone so everyone can party!

14. Kindle

When I’m with my husband and he can watch the kids, I love to READ poolside. I couldn’t live without my kindle. I prefer the paper white so I can see in the sun.

15. Portable Fan

It can get HOT here. Even with the water nearby, it’s nice to have a little fan to keep cool with! This one is tiny and powerful! It also runs of batteries OR a USB cord, so that’s awesome.

BONUS: SnoCone Maker

Because I couldn’t stop at just 15! Sooo, obviously I don’t put this IN my pool bag, but this is a fun after-pool tradition. Homemade SnoCones!

What else do you you put in YOUR Pool Bag?


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