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Make-a-Cake Series: Halloween Cupcakes

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Halloween is coming.
I know you’re working on all of those Halloween details.  How fun.

Be sure to add your homemade Halloween costumes to the you made it/love it flicker group here.  I will be posting many of the photos here, the day before Halloween.  I can’t wait to see what you’ve made! 
Need some ideas?
Tinker Bell here.
Peter Pan here.
Cinderella here.
Prince Charming here.
And a whole ton of ideas here from last years virtual costume parade, here.
While we’re on the subject of Halloween….. 
Let’s have Brittany show you what she’s been up to in her kitchen.
Ooooh, you’re going to love it.

Do you have a Halloween party coming up?
Wondering who to invite? 
Here are a few characters coming to my party this Halloween.

You want to come to the party now, don’t you?
Well, come on over!
Don’t worry, these cupcakes are fast and simple to make. Just a few steps per cupcake and you will have a dessert that will be the hit of the party!
**Now I am sure you have all seen cupcakes like these somewhere for Halloween. I have seen so many cute ideas all over and here is my take on them. Everything is just so cute I couldn’t pass up making some of my own!

Cat and Spider Cupcakes
If you are short on time or if you don’t want to get into making all of the cupcakes, I suggest making these guys for your party. They would be great to take with you to a friend’s party also!
Bake your favorite flavor of cupcake in some festive cupcake liners and then whip up some buttercream. Tint the buttercream purple. Swirl your buttercream on top, add your sprinkles and finish with a matching cupcake pick. It’s really fast and cute!
If you need help with the cupcake skills or buttercream recipe, check out this post.

 The Brain
 This cupcake is also just a few steps.
Tint some buttercream with a little pink and yellow.  Then, frost the top of your cupcake.
 Fill a pastry bag with the rest of your icing. (A Ziploc bag would work fine for this piping.)
Cut a hole in the bag the size of the zigzag you want. 
Pipe zigzags in lines on top of the cupcake. I started with my two middle lines and then did the two outside lines.
That’s it.  A nice squishy brain.

 The Eyeball
Cover your cupcake with white fondant.
(See this post if you need a reminder on this step.)
 Cut a smaller circle of blue fondant (or whatever color for your eye). Attach with a bit of water. Repeat with a smaller white circle. Pipe some black buttercream in the middle. 
(My husband pointed out to me last night that an eye does not have that second circle of white. Yeah, he was right, but I think it adds an element of panic to the eye!)
 Water down some red food coloring get and use a paint brush to paint on red veins. 
You can also use a food coloring pen if you have it on hand.
Let them dry a few minutes before you move them.
 Creepy but yummy!

 The Ghost
This one is my favorite!
Pipe a swirl of buttercream on top of your cupcake. 
 Insert a lollipop through the cupcake.  
(I had to trim a bit of the stick off the bottom.)
The base of the lollipop candy should meet with the top of the buttercream.


Cut a large circle of fondant and lay it over the lollipop. My circle was a 5 inch circle. 
Fold and work the fondant until it has the shape you want. 
Pipe two dots for eyes. 
When you move these cupcakes remember they are top heavy. They fall over easy. 
Hold on tight. 

 The Mummy
Cover your cupcake with chocolate or brown buttercream. 
Cut thin strips of white fondant and lay them over the cupcake to make the mummy face.
Leave room for the eyes. 

Make two yellow fondant eyes and pipe black dots on them.  
He is just screaming “Let me Out!” right?
(The eyes were about the same shape as an M&M. You can take that shortcut if you have some M&M’s around.)

Now, for all of your spooky little cupcakes……..
 Add them to a stand and maybe throw in some spider rings for effect.
This lineup is now ready for Halloween!
 And yep, even my own little monsters loved the cupcakes. 
Using their best scary faces, they gobbled them right up!

The lollipop surprise under the ghost was great!
My older monster loved it!

OK, so they’re not really monsters all the time.
They really are just too cute!
Especially while gobbling up a sweet and fun treat.
So go on, give them a try.
They’re a quick and fun way to add some spook to your holiday season.

I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!
Happy Decorating!

Ashley Johnston

Administrator at Make It & Love It
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